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Lame Duck

Updated On: Jan 20, 2011 (09:43:00)

Webster defines a lame duck as an elected official continuing to hold office between an election and

the inauguration of a successor. This results in a delay of legislation that could potentially benefit the

working middle class.

As the next elected officials are sworn in, we the voters need to hold our representatives' feet to the

fire. We need to get out of the mindset that once the election is over our voices become silent. As new

legislation is introduced, we must make sure that it is beneficial for our brotherhood and provides fair

and equal opportunities to those who work hard. The best way to make our voices heard is by calling

our representatives or writing letters to our local newspapers.


Updated On: Jan 10, 2010 (16:46:00)

Welcome to Teamsters Local 822's Web page. There will be articles informing you of what's going on in your Local and a way for you to voice your opinions.  A strong Union remains strong when its members are well informed.  This page can only be successful if you are involved.  If you are interested in becoming involved and writing articles pertaining to your company or would like to see somethingh added, please contact Fred Storminger at fredstorminger@cox.net .  Lets make 2010 the year YOU become involved with Local 822.





Updated On: Jan 10, 2010 (16:49:00)

Have you joined Teamsters? If so, welcome to the strongest labor union in the United States. If not, what's holding you back?

The cost? A distrust of unions? Apathy?

For more than a century, Teamsters have been active in helping working men
and women across the United States. On the home front and the frontlines, Teamsters were an integral part of the United States' victories in both World Wars.  Teamsters were steadfast in demanding workers' rights, despite brutal physical attacks.  Teamsters marched for civil rights alongside their fellow workers when most were afraid to do so.  Because of their belief in the working men and women of this country, Teamsters were always there.

Teamsters are still active in community service and social causes.  We are committed to fighting for higher pay and better benefits.  Because we care, we're electing and supporting politicians who will look out for the good of the worker - you.  Teamsters will never stop supporting pro-labor legislation and defending the rights of the working man and woman.  

Today we are thankful that throughout history, Teamsters were unwilling to back down when our livelihoods were at stake, that the fear and ignorance of others didn't cloud their minds.  The hallmark pride and strength of the Teamsters lives on today, as we embrace "one member, one vote."  Let's work together, unified, to champion the rights of our brothers and sisters in the next century.


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Watch this week as we begin our FRIENDS OF LABOR series. Elections are just around the corner and the people featured here are proud supporters of organized labor. Stay Tuned.
State Senator Lynnwood Lewis (Senate District #6) and candidates Karen Mallard (Virginia House District #84) and Shelly Simonds (Virginia House District #94) stopped by today to talk to members and to hear their concerns at the general membership meeting. These candidates have the best interests of labor at heart and carry our full endorsement. Senator Lynwood Lewis Karen Mallard for Delegate Shelly Simonds
Live in Virginia and want to show your union pride? Sport a Teamster License Plate. Send us a message to find out how.
Most of us remember where we were on this fateful day, it became the equivalent of 11-22-63 (Kennedy's assassination) for a whole new generation. On this day we remember the 2996 people who died in an act of terrorism, including 433 union workers. Most of America honors this a a huge tragedy on a single day, however the impact was so much greater than that. More than 2,000 additional people have died, many of them union, from working at Ground Zero. The CDC has recognized an additional 40,000 people suffering from diseases are arising from exposure at the towers. So today, let's honor the fallen and the many who still fight today. Stay strong, Stay UNITED!
9-11-2019 In what can only be categorized as a direct assault on workers and their unions, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has once again struck a blow against unions. The Trump appointed board has overturned a rule that has benefitted workers since 1949 (Tide Water Associated Oil Co , 85 NLRB 1096). "So what?" you might ask, "old rules get changed all the time", well there is a catch, this rule prevented a company from changing a contract without bargaining it with the union, "the waiver standard". In other words it made a contract binding and required both sides to talk about changes. Unfortunately for workers, the "Waiver Standard" resulted in too many companies being called to task for what is called a "unilateral change" this resulted in a lot of board charges over the last 70 years and a lot of slaps on the wrists for big business. Fortunately the current board has a fix for this, they actually state that the fact that the violations are "...too numerous to cite" as a reason for doing away with the rule, they in fact prefer that disputes be handled internally. This is tantamount to saying that too many people get moving violations so we are doing away with traffic laws, entertaining to think about but destructive to implement. The new standard set forth in MV Transportation, Inc. and Amalgamated Transit Union Local #1637, AFL-CIO, CLC. Case 28-CA-173726 has but one goal, to hurt workers. Don't believe me, let's take a look at a few other decisions that have come down recently. On September 6th, five days ago the NLRB made.it possible to ban union officials from properties where the employees they represent work (Kroger Limited Partnership I Mid-Atlantic and United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 400. Case 05–CA–155160) On August 23rd, twenty days ago, the NLRB made it a violations for unions to organize on property not owner by the company employees work for, translation, have a "contracted work force" vs traditional employees and you can keep unions out. (Bexar County Performing Arts Center Foundation d/b/a Tobin Center for the Performing Arts andLocal 23, American Federation of Musicians. Case 16–CA–193636) On June 14th, the NLRB made it permissable to ban collective bargaining activities and organizing from public spaces (UPMC and its Subsidiary, UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside, single employer d/b/a UPMC Presbyterian Hospital and d/b/a UPMC ShadysideHospital and SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania CTW, CLC. Cases 06–CA–102465, 06–CA–102494, 06–CA–102516, 06–CA–102518, 06–CA–102525, 06–CA–102534 06–CA–102540, 06–CA–102542, 06–CA–102544, 06–CA–102555, 06–CA–102559, 06–CA−104090, 06–CA–104104, 06–CA–106636, 06–CA–107127, 06–CA–107431, 06–CA–107532, 06–CA–107896, 06–CA–108547, 06–CA–111578, 06–CA–115826) All of this since June and this is just the tip of the iceberg,. The list of violations could go on for pages and pages, we could go in to why Trump refuses to appoint the 5th member of the board (a Democrat) but instead chooses to leave the seat vacant allowing for the extremely partisan NLRB to do whatever benefits corporations, but instead we will leave you with some hope. Elections are around the corner and you can make a difference, you can make your voice heard and continue to support labor friendly candidates at every level of government. Make no mistake, we are being attacked, you need to decide if you are going to take it or are you willing to fight back.
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